Friday, December 01, 2006

APPA Study Debunks NY PSC Report on Electric Restructuring

In March 2006 the New York Public Service Commission issued a Staff Report on the State of Competitive Energy Markets lauding the claimed results of its efforts to restructure New York state's wholesale and retail electricity industry. A new study undertaken for the American Public Power Association (APPA) examines the methodology of the New York PSC report and other reports that have attempted to measure costs and benefits of restructuring. With respect to the New York PSC report, the APPA report states:
In summary, the intention of this staff report of the New York State Department of Public Service seems not to be a careful or balanced assessment of the issues. Rather, it is at best an update on changes in the electricity (and gas) markets in New York and in state policies affecting these markets. Even as an update, however, it pays inadequate attention to causation and precision in its evidence and claims.

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Rogier van Vlissingen said...

Indeed, having had the pleasure of observing the wonderful world of ESCOs up-close, I have to agree that the whole thing is an utter failure, and the self-congratulatory nonsense from the PSC is in flagrant violation of the facts on the ground.