Wednesday, May 07, 2008

PULP Asks PSC to Reconsider Refusal to Investigate Alternative to New Area Code in 315

The PSC is proceeding with plans either to split the 315 area code region in Central New York into two codes, requiring many customers with 315 area codes to change their numbers, or to create an "overlay" area code for new numbers as they are added that will require callers to dial 10 digits for every call, even for a local call across the street. 315 Options Present Problems: Public Hearings Might Help PSC Determine the Best Area-code Alternative.

In recent years, the PSC allowed competitive telephone companies more than 1.25 million numbers in more than 125 new exchanges in sparsely populated rural areas of the 315 and 518 area codes. See PSC Considering "Area Code Relief" For 315 -- Where Did All The Numbers Go?

PULP requested an investigation whether reclamation and reallocation of telephone numbers and exchanges now stranded in rural areas with an oversupply can obviate the need to create a new area code in the 315 area . See PULP Asks PSC to Investigate Need for New Telephone Area Codes in the 315 Region.

PULP's motion was denied by the PSC in an April 25, 2008 Order. See PSC Denies Request for Open Inquiry and Continues with 315 Area Code Changes.

PULP filed a petition for rehearing today asking the PSC to reconsider its April 25, 2008 order, arguing that even if the oversupply of numbers and exchanges in rural areas had been lawfully allocated, the Commission has ample power to reclaim them in order to avoid the larger inconvenience and cost to consumers of area code changes. Further, PULP points to new evidence indicating that a combination of newly implemented number conservation policies and reclamation of numbers not needed in sparsely populated areas could avert area code changes that will impose cost and inconvenience for many customers.

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