Tuesday, August 19, 2008

PULP Utility Bill Estimator Now Available for Central Hudson Customers

Electric customers who switched to ESCO service may find it difficult to determine if they are saving money. See PSC Makes ESCO Service Comparisons Difficult.

To compare the cost of ESCO electric service one needs to know the cost of full service from the traditional utility. This can be difficult if the traditional utility changes its rates each month, and when billing periods are not identical. PULP is testing its new Electric Bill Estimator, which can be a tool for checking utility rates. See PULP's Con Edison Bill Estimator.

It was recently modified to accommodate residential customers of Central Hudson, one of the utilities that changes its rates each month. Please email us at info@pulp.tc to let us know if you have difficulties using it or suggestions for improving it.

UPDATE: We are having some problems with the Central Hudson bill calculator and have disabled it temporarily. 8/21/08

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