Monday, January 19, 2009

Compare O&R Bills with PULP's Electric Bill Estimator

PULP's Electricity Bill Calculator now enables estimation of residential electric bills of Orange & Rockland Utilities, in addition to Con Edison bills. The New York PSC allows these utilities to change their rates monthly. The PSC only publishes its "typical average utility bill" reports twice a year, they do not take into account major rate changes in months other than January and July, and they do not account for Con Edison's rate changes which do not occur on the first of the month.

Figuring out what O&R would charge may be of interest to consumers in the following situations:
We are Beta testing the estimator, and welcome you to try it.

This is PULP's best effort to estimate O&R's electricity bills. We think the Calculator should closely approximate what the utility would charge for a given amount of usage over a specified period. Due to the complexity of each utility's rate structure, however, we can't guarantee 100% accuracy, and urge you not to make major life decisions based on the results.

We would welcome any feedback you may have, and please let us know if you have problems using the Estimator. You may contact PULP by email at

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