Friday, June 05, 2009

New York's Household Telephone Penetration Holds Steady, Remains Low

In its latest report on telephone penetration in the United States, the FCC found that from July 2008 to November 2008 (the date of the most recent data), the percentage of households in New York State with a telephone grew from 94.3 percent to 94.7 percent. By comparison, the national average is now 95.0 percent, down from 95.4 percent in July. The New York numbers are lower than neighboring states Connecticut (97.1 percent), Massachusetts (96.1 percent), Vermont (97.4 percent), Pennsylvania (98.3 percent), and New Jersey (95.4 percent). To ensure the most complete, accurate results, in recent years, residents in the FCC survey are asked “Does this house, apartment, or mobile home have telephone service from which you can both make and receive calls? Please include cell phones, regular phones, and any other type of telephone.”

We estimate that with its 95% household telephone penetration rate, about 369,000 New York households lack telephones.

If New York achieved the 98.3% penetration rate of Pennsylvania, 243,565 more New York households would have telephones than have them today.

The report also includes data on telephone penetration by income. Nationwide, in November 2008 only 92.9 percent of households with incomes under $20,000 a year had a telephone, while 98.2 percent of households with incomes up to $100,000 had a telephone.

Lou Manuta

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