Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Syracuse Tenants Protest City Water Shutoff Policies

Syracuse United Neighbors Announces Protest of City Water Shutoff Practices

For more information:
Phil Prehn--community organizer

SUN Press Event Regarding City’s Water Shut Off Of Innocent Tenant Due To Landlord Default

Syracuse United Neighbors (SUN) will gather at the corner of W. Colvin Street and Midland Ave.. at 11:00 AM Thursday, February 18th to make a statement about the city’s policy of shutting off water service to houses with delinquent water bills--even if the only person suffering is an innocent tenant when a landlord defaults on payments.

The tenant will be available to tell his compelling story of how he has been punished by the city, his water turned off since Monday, despite his offer to the city to make the payments that the delinquent landlord has walked away from.

In the snowiest big city in America, it is a crime for a city to callously terminate the water service of tenants that have played by the rules--paying their rent and security deposits--and forcing them to either pay other people’s bills or be forced to move to a habitable apartment.

SUN is demanding two things:

1) Immediate restoration of the tenant’s water service

2) A commitment from the Mayor and Common Council to create an alternative hearing and payment structure that will eliminate the need to turn off an innocent tenant’s water service.

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