Wednesday, September 19, 2012

FERC ALJ Sets Date for Comments and Oral Argument Regarding Use of $104 Million Fund Disgorged by Alleged NYISO Market Gamers

The FERC ALJ who will make the initial FERC determination on allocation of a $104 million fund for the benefit of electric consumers has set dates for parties to comment on state recommendations, and for oral argument regarding inconsistent state agency recommendations from the PJM area.  In an Order issued September 14, 2012, FERC Deputy Chief ALJ Bobbie J. McCartney set September 26 as the date for all parties in the case to file comments on recommendation of state agencies, and October 4 for oral argument regarding recommendations for use of funds in the PJM regional footprint.

Illinois agencies were not able to agree on their recommendations by the September 11 filing deadline and was granted additional time, until after her decision following oral argument, "as the disposition of those issues [at oral argument] may have a substantive impact on their continuing discussions."

The fund is part of the profits disgorged by alleged manipulators of the markets of the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO).

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Papers filed with FERC in Case IN12-7 are here.

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