Thursday, September 06, 2012

State Recommendations Due Soon on How FERC Should Use Funds Disgorged by NYISO Market Gamer for the Benefit of Electric Energy Consumers

State recommendations on how FERC should use funds disgorged by an alleged NYISO market manipulator for the benefit of electric customers are due at FERC by September 8.  Since that is a Saturday, state filings may be expected any time from now through Monday September 10.

FERC will decide how to allocate $6 million within PJM area for the benefit of customers, and $78 million within the New York ISO area.

Consumer advocates have urged that a portion of the funds be used for utility consumer advocacy.

See PULP Network, FERC Urged to Use Portion of Funds Disgorged by Alleged Wholesale Electricity Market Manipulator to Bolster Utility Consumer Advocacy, July 11, 2012

PULP Network, FERC ALJ Decides Motions of Parties Seeking Role in Proposing to FERC Uses of Disgorged $78 Million NYISO Market Gaming Profits, Clarifies Process, July 11, 2012.


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